Pay your bills on time!

Unless the bill shows up 5 days after the  past due date then pay them right away. If not they will turn your electric off.  Also, when you pay your electric, after the power has been turned off, you need to go and tell them to turn it back on. Failure to do this will result in the house being dark for the next 2 days. Lesson learned. Same thing happened with the cable bill. So lesson not learned.


Construction Begins!

Yesterday the construction(some places destruction) of the restaurant began at Na Ba Lam. It is located on the northern most part of Isla Mujeres. It is going to be fucking cool! In one day they already ripped dug up holes for the pools of water that are going to surround the outdoor patio. The patio is raised concrete with tables mounted to it and a waterfall and sculpture in the center.Palm trees will overhang this area with lighting and speakers hanging from them. As we speak the 3rd palm tree is being planted. Getting stoked! Will add pics later. Let the games begin!

Results from Saturday. (or how time flys)

Well Sunday was a bust  in the terms of me cooking.

Saturday night Colleen and I went to a (more or less) meat fest. Friends were cooking up bunch of Chorizo. so we ate that all night and then i kinda got drunk (i know surprise right? ) Well that wasn’t a problem. it was the getting up at 6:30 to go fishing that was the problem Oof!  Beer helped out and the fact that in the first 30 min we caught a 3 foot barracuda. The rest of the day was uneventful bottom fishing for yellow tail snapper s to we called it a day and went in. We then proceeded to grill  on the beach with all the local fisherman. Ceviche, grilled fish, beer and a lot of Spanish words that i did not understand. In the end i bought a bunch of spiny lobster tails and some conch from my hosts and stumbled to a beach party at the SUP headquarters. 2 for one Sol and a DJ on the beach=Mike asleep at 8:30

Saturday Morning Cooking!

Squid tentacles

Passed out early last night so up early today (watching sunrise early)
So we have some large squid Tentacles in the fridge that i am going to tenderize by cooking it in a light court bouillon. Added onions, celery,lots of garlic, peppercorns and a couple chilis. Salt and a light amount of vinegar. Not doing a full court bouillon because i don’t want the flavor of the vinegar overpower the delicate flesh of the squid.We shall see how this turns out. Also making chicken stock with leftover carcasses in freezer. Here on the island they leave the feet and after simmering for 2-3 hours they are exceptionally tender and flavorful. Hell Yeah

chicken stock simmering